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Beautiful Themes

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Free and easy

Whether you’re an artist showcasing your portfolio, a company selling a product or just a compulsive writer, iSite.biz offers you themes with different layouts to express yourself in the best way possible.

Easy to remember your site

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.12.03 PM Start your blog at the best possible Internet real estate. You’ll get an address that looks like you.blog.com. It’s the virtual equivalent of your own island in Dubai, mansion in Monte Carlo or a Manhattan flat overlooking Central Park.

Multi-author blogs

multi-author Get the help of friends or people with shared interests. iSite.biz allows you to pick your team of authors, all capable of publishing entries, reviewing comments and many more.

Service integration

integration Post from your mobile phone, iphone, or 3rd party services. We won’t let you lose track of your blog.
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When you sign up at iSite.biz you get, for free, a full-featured service. For more advanced users though, we offer a set of premium features at low prices, to move your blog to the next level.

Free domain name

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.26.40 PMYou can get FREE a domain (.com, .net or .org) or map a domain you already own, and show your blog at that address. The process is very fast and simple, and we’ll be here to assist you if you have any doubts.

Premium Themes

premiumthemes Alongisde the dozens of great free themes, we provide a quality selection of Premium Themes with advanced features, no ads and more customization to take your blog to the next level.

No Ads

noads Free sites are supported by the advertisement we sometimes place in the blog pages. With this upgrade you guarantee that your blog is completely ad free. Plus, you can put up your own advertisement and earn money while blogging.

Extra Space

storageWe provide a hefty 2GB of storage for your personal photos, videos and music. However, if you ever run out of space, you can upgrade the storage limit of your blog.

You can upgrade to 10GB, 20GB or 30GB

Earn money

With our customizable ads feature, you’ll be able to use your own advertisement. Earn money online as a publicizer. A solid income in a solid platform.
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